furthers, furthering, furthered
(Further is a comparative form of far. It is also a verb.)
1) ADV-COMPAR: ADV with v Further means to a greater extent or degree.

Inflation is below 5% and set to fall further...

The rebellion is expected to further damage the country's image...

The government's economic policies have further depressed living standards.

2) ADV-COMPAR: ADV with v If you go or get further with something, or take something further, you make some progress.

They lacked the scientific personnel to develop the technical apparatus much further.

3) ADV-COMPAR: ADV after v If someone goes further in a discussion, they make a more extreme statement or deal with a point more thoroughly.

On February 7th the Post went further, claiming that Mr Wood had grabbed and kissed another 13 women...

To have a better comparison, we need to go further and address such issues as repairs and insurance.

4) ADJ: ADJ n, pron-indef ADJ A further thing, number of things, or amount of something is an additional thing, number of things, or amount.

His speech provides further evidence of his increasingly authoritarian approach...

They believed there were likely to be further attacks...

There was nothing further to be done for this man.

5) ADV-COMPAR: ADV adv/prep Further means a greater distance than before or than something else.

Now we live further away from the city centre...

He came to a halt at a crossroads fifty yards further on...

An old man shuffled out of a doorway further along the corridor...

Further to the south are some of the island's loveliest unspoilt coves.

6) ADV-COMPAR: ADV adv/prep Further is used in expressions such as `further back' and `further ahead' to refer to a point in time that is earlier or later than the time you are talking about.

Looking still further ahead, by the end of the next century world population is expected to be about ten billion.

7) VERB If you further something, you help it to progress, to be successful, or to be achieved.

[V n] In return, they are themselves accused of furthering their own (leftist) political interests...

[V n] Education needn't only be about furthering your career.

8) ADV: ADV with cl You use further to introduce a statement that relates to the same general topic and that gives additional information or makes an additional point. [FORMAL]

Dodd made no appeal of his death sentence and, further, instructed his attorney to sue anyone who succeeds in delaying his execution.

9) PHR-PREP Further to is used in letters in expressions such as `further to your letter' or `further to our conversation', in order to indicate what you are referring to in the letter. [BRIT, FORMAL]

Further to your letter, I agree that there are some presentational problems, politically speaking.

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